About Joe Mathieu

Chicago’D is owned & maintained by Chicago SEM & digital marketing leader Joe Mathieu.

Joe Mathieu was born & raised in Chicago, and has an (obvious?) love/hate relationship with the city. He is an avid White Sox, Bears, and Bulls fan, with a new-found (read: bandwagon) affection for Blackhawks hockey. Joe also happens to be a television junkie & tech nerd, so yeah, ladies, total package.

Professionally-speaking, Joe Mathieu is a creative, strategic Search Engine Marketing veteran turned display media leader, with a focus in the real-time biddable exchange marketplace. He has years of experience with both top Fortune 500 advertisers & hyper-local marketing for SMBs. His core specialty is in strategy development at the client and company level, exploring new approaches to old problems in digital media, and broadening technology expertise, both that of his own & of his peers. Joe has spent time at Aol, Omnicom’s programmatic trading desk, Accuen, and several independent agencies in Chicago.

Joe is doing this because he enjoys writing, and not for any real gain otherwise. Views expressed within this site are that of Joe Mathieu, and do not reflect the opinions of his employer(s), friends, family, dog, or anybody else.

You can connect with Joe Mathieu on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Tumblr using the links to the top right. To email him, simply click on this link.

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