Ikea’s “Retail Therapy” Campaign: Renaming Products Based on Google Searches

This holiday shopping season, global retailer Ikea—working with Swedish agency Åkestam Holst—has found a rather creative means of rising above the crowded SEO fray.

Via the Ikea Retail Therapy campaign and accompanying website, the company has renamed popular products from their online catalog to match common Swedish Google search queries.

These aren’t just any search terms, however; each query refers to a rather common relationship issue (“my boyfriend is vain”, for instance), and links to an Ikea product that can (on a superficial level, at least) help aid in said problem. As a reference, that previous search query leads to this lighted mirror.

Image via Ikea

Though some renamed products are obvious (like “my daughter is out all night” leading to this disco ball), some are quite the stretch—as is the case with a pair of scissors getting the title “My Son Plays Too Much Video Games” or these magazine files, which apparently help in spying on your daughter’s online activities (?).

In any case, most of the Ikea Retail Therapy products do have at least a visceral relation to their organic search queries; moreover, they make for one heck of a unique approach in a crowded retail landscape. While a report on AdWeek suggests that Ikea is bidding on these queries in AdWords to drive paid traffic to the Retail Therapy microsite, I couldn’t get any of the products I tried to show ads myself.