It’s Presidents’ Day. Go Buy a Mattress.

There are things in life that just fit perfectly together.

America & apple pie.

Pizza & beer.

Christmas & snow.

Presidents’ Day & mattress sales.

While the last entry to that list may seem strange, think about it: doesn’t it seem like there’s been Presidents’ Day mattress sales since, like, ever? Yep — you’re not imagining things; mattress & furniture sales on Presidents’ Day are a foregone-conclusion in America.

Thing is, though; nobody can really tell me why. I’ve done some extensive research on the subject (aka searched Google, and when the answer wasn’t on page 1 of results, gave up), and while there are some interesting theories, there’s no definitive reason why this country goes bananas for queen-sized pillow tops on a holiday originally designated to celebrate the birthday of George Washington.

Some “answers”-type pages I visited while “researching” this phenomenon pointed to the need to purchase new mattresses after, ahem, ‘thoroughly enjoying Valentine’s Day’ — which just happens to typically occur a few days before each year. While a novel thought, I’m just not buying it.

More likely, Presidents’ Day and mattress blow-out sales became linked due to a collision of circumstances (some related, others not), rather than some pre-planned synergistic design. With Presidents’ Day, a holiday, falling in the middle of February — the following is usually true:

  • Many people have the day off
  • Nobody is shopping for outdoor goods (it’s Winter)
  • Everyone has been spending a lot of time indoors (it’s Winter)
  • Most of us are either getting tax refunds, or expecting them soon

All of these are contributing factors: but, if I had to pick one reason we see Presidents’ Day mattress & furniture sales every year, it’s simply that it’s an opportune time for products that don’t really have a seasonality to them. Think about it: November & December, holiday presents; January, fitness gear; March & April, spring wear and Easter; May-July, SUMMER; Aug-Sept, back-to-school; October, fall clothing & costumes. Outside of Valentine’s Day, which almost always precedes the Presidential holiday, February’s got nothin’ — so, why not hock some Serta sleepers?

Put all of these into a giant Ninja blender, and Presidents’ Day mattress sales are the retail amalgamation we’re given.

So, this Presidents’ Day, instead of sitting there questioning such obviously-simple things like why advertising keeps telling us we need a new TempurPedic — be a real American: grab your gun, hop in your pickup, and go get yourself a high-quality, comfortable mattress at a close-out rate.

George & Abe wouldn’t want it any other way.