Super Bowl 50 Commercials: The Best & The Worst

While I was admittedly more entertained by Beyoncé & Bruno Mars f/ Coldplay at the Pepsi Halftime Show than expected, and the game itself was basically everything you could want in a championship, I found the Super Bowl 50 ads—typically a bright spot on Gameday Sunday—somewhat tiresome.

There were bright spots, moments of brief entertainment during the Super Bowl 50 ads that, momentarily, suspended audience realization that they were indeed watching overpriced commercials with no chance of hitting FF. However, what 2016 lacked was a classic—a Mean Joe Green, Budweiser Frogs, or Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. Sure, not every Super Bowl will bring us Apple’s 1984; but, is it too much to expect an Osbournes vs. Osmonds once a year (hell, where were the timeless Clydesdales)?

Instead, we got the horrifying Puppy Monkey Baby, easily the worst HashtagBowl shill and copywriter’s LSD trip of Super Bowl 50 (the latter is saying a lot, considering the Steven Tyler Skittles ad also exists). Less nightmare-inducing was the Anthony Hopkins TurboTax ad, clearly a play on the old Steven Colbert pistachios spot, which worked with Colbert’s style—but not so much with Hopkins’.

Other Super Bowl 50 ads that fell short were Dollar Shave Club’s spot, which was basically a remix of the same thing they’ve been doing, and because America ingests a sickening amount of pain killers, and opioid induced constipation spot that felt right at home with toe fungus ads and Poise pads that dominated local airtime.

As for the best of Super Bowl 2016 commercials, an early favorite of mine was this avocados in space ad—it was lighthearted & featured Scott Baio for some reason, and both of those things are enjoyable in small doses. I thought T-Mobile did a great job staying topical in both of their spots, first with a Steve Harvey “oops” moment that might have been one of the best of the night, and second with a Drake remix of “Hotline Bling“. For my money, the Bud Light Party spot was likely one of the funniest of the past few years (though, the Independence Day “borrowed-lines” bit might have hit a little too close to home for Amy Schumer, given her current situation).

PayPal officially shed their eBay roots with a stunningly-produced “New Money” promo that seemed to go over the heads of the Twitter crowd a bit; but, for those that have been following the payment processor’s newly-found independence, it did signify a re-birth of sorts that should get investors, at least, exited about the company’s future.

All in, though, my vote is for the Amazon Echo commercial for best of the Super Bowl 50 ads. Airing right after the halftime show, the Alec Baldwin spot had everything you could ask for in a memorable commercial: sharp humor, music, technology, Missy Elliot—well, just see for yourself:

What was your most/least favorite? Sound off below!