All of the Super Bowl 51 Ads in One Place

As has become an annual tradition, Super Bowl 51 ads brought the heavy-hitters for pricey :15 and :30 spots—but also included some big-budget movie trailers and interesting commercials from smaller companies as well.

Coming as no surprise, several advertisers chose to get political with their spots this year, with 84 Lumber, Budweiser, AirBnB, and newcomer to the Super Bowl commercial spotlight It’s a 10 haircare all focusing on diversity or flat-out shots at the Cheeto-in-Chief. Audi came with a moving piece on gender equality, which I personally felt was one of the more memorable ads of the entire game.

Aside from Audi, Tide’s #BradshawStain ad was probably the most innovative of the evening—fooling folks that were following the game live on Twitter into thinking Terry Bradshaw actually came on set with a giant stain on his shirt. Honda’s “Yearbooks” ad scored big as well, as did Bai’s sublime spot with Christopher Walken and (a silent) JT. And while viewers may have found Sprint’s ad about faking your own death to get out of a Verizon contract a bit dark, let’s face it: getting out of cell phone contracts any other way is pretty much impossible, right?

Business Insider has all of the Super Bowl 51 ads, in the order that they appeared, listed here. What are your favorites? Which did you feel were the worst? Let us know below!