New to the City? Here’s a Helpful Chicago Neighborhood Map

Chicago is a great city, but I’d imagine for people from out-of-town, it can be a confusing place. Sure, our street numbers make sense, and the city is arranged in a giant grid, but our tendency to describe areas based on their neighborhood name can be tough for newcomers to figure out.

I found a great Chicago Neighborhood Map on the city’s website (which, in itself is difficult to maneuver), and I wanted to share it here, mainly because it’s a great reference for anyone unfamiliar with the neighborhood makeup of Chicago to get a better idea of just what people are talking about when they mention certain places.

Below this screengrab of the actual Chicago Neighborhood Map is an embed code to include the actual PDF file in your site, if you wish. You can also access the PDF version of this map by clicking on this link.

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