Nik Wallenda’s Chicago Tightrope Walk: Live Here!

This Sunday at 6pm, Nik Wallenda will attempt to tightrope over the Chicago River. Starting from the Marina Towers, Wallenda will cross the river in a feat that is anticipated to last around two hours, over to the Leo Burnett building on Wacker. He will then take an elevator down to street level, head back to Marina, where he will cross from one building to the other– blindfolded.

While crossing the river, Wallenda will be more than 600 feet off the ground; a record for his family, seven generations of which have been tightrope walkers. Since the Leo Burnett building is taller than Marina, Wallenda’s walk will include a 15-degree incline.

If you’d like to brave the crowd and anticipated 49 degree weather (with 14mph winds), designated viewing areas will be set up on Wacker from Clark to Dearborn and Wabash to State Street. However, if you’re like me, and crowds & cold isn’t quite your thing– luckily, there’s a streaming option.

Below is the embed of the livestream for Nik Wallenda’s walk. If you experience any issues, the website that is hosting this streaming event can be accessed here. Wallenda’s tightrope walk will also be shown live on the Discovery Channel. For information on street closures leading up to the event (and there will be plenty), the Chicago Tribune has a full list available for reference.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream