Adblock Plus Already Defeated Facebook’s Unblockable Ads

Welp, that was fast.

Just two days after announcing they had come up with a way to show ads through ad blocking technology, AdBlock Plus has defeated Facebook’s workaround. Facebook users with AdBlock simply need to update to the latest version of the tool to once again remove ads from the News Feed and right rail.

The filter to re-block Facebook ads can be added to AdBlock Plus manually as well. The code is as follows:[id^="substream_"] ._5jmm[data-dedupekey][data-cursor][data-xt][data-xt-vimpr="1"][data-ftr="1"][data-fte="1"]

Though AdBlock defeated Facebook’s attempts at re-engaging blocked ads in record time, ads may not be the only thing the plug-in is filtering. According to a report on Re/code, Facebook claims that AdBlock’s method is removing regular posts in addition to sponsored placements. Comments on AdBlock seem to suggest that the above fix may have only been temporary, as some users are reporting seeing ads on Facebook desktop once again as well.

Regardless of the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of this filter, expect this back-and-forth between Facebook and the pro-ad block community to continue. As we noted when Facebook announced ads would return to desktop users armed with ad blocking technology on Tuesday, the social network earned nearly $1 billion off desktop ads just last quarter—obviously, enough of an incentive for them to continue this fight for some time to come.