Advertising to Millennials? Here’s Some Help.

I am, in fact, a Millennial.

Though, until just recently, I never thought of myself as being within this highly-coveted demographic (despite the fact that I was actually born between 1981-2000)– but, after reading through numerous studies on the behaviors of Millennials (including: time spent on mobile devices, avg. length of time at one job, etc), there’s no more denying it….I am a Millennial.

Now, how should advertisers target me?

This InfoGraphic, courtesy of AdWeek, does probably the best job I’ve seen in summing up the Millennial generation– who they are, how they like to shop, and, most importantly, what makes them unique compared to generations that have come before. Much of this I can personally relate to (because, as mentioned, I do happen to fall into this age group; though, barely), but there were a few surprising stats. For instance, I found it quite telling that only 56% of millennials use a social media app at least once monthly (though, I do not know for certain if this data is based on the US only, or if global statistics are accounted for).

Generally, though, I wasn’t taken aback by most of the data presented here. After perusing this InfoGraphic on the behaviors of Millennials, was there anything surprising to any of you?

Image via AdWeek

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