AdWords is Narrowing the Default View-Through Conversion Window to 1 Day

Heads-up if you’re running display campaigns on the Google Display Network: the default AdWords view-through conversion window is getting pushed back to 1 day on March 29th.

The change, announced by Google on Monday, will not only impact new conversion actions added to AdWords after the 29th (which makes sense), but also any conversion action previously set to the default as well (which is where things are likely to get hairy). As a reminder, the current default setting for AdWords view-through conversions is 30 days—the same as the window for click-throughs.

View-through conversions that occur on AdWords display or video campaigns from March 29th on will only be tracked when someone converts within 24 hours without seeing another ad also running in the AdWords interface. This will certainly decrease the number of view-through conversions for most GDN & YouTube campaigns; however, it’s also going to make those VTCs more accurately reflect an ad’s impact on consumer behavior.

Keep in mind, advertisers can adjust the default AdWords view-through conversion window at any time on their own (and could even before this change was announced) by editing the conversion actions individually. Google still does not offer a way for AdWords advertisers to count VTCs in the “Conversions” column, however; therefore they will continue to only be tracked via the stand-alone VTC reporting column.