Apple iAd Now Available for All Advertisers

When Apple iAd, the standard advertising platform for iOS apps, was introduced in 2010, only super premium advertisers had the opportunity to feature their content on iPhones & iPads. With a minimum buy-in of $1mm, there obviously wasn’t room for the little guy. Though big brands like State Farm (a former client of mine) and Unilever jumped on board initially, advertisers were turned off by the minimum commitments, many flooding ad dollars over to Google’s AdMob (which Apple itself attempted to buy).

All that will soon change, however. AdAge is reporting that in the coming days, Apple iAd will be made available to everyone with an Apple ID. It makes sense– reports of Apple’s revenue from iAd last year have show the tech giant at only a 2.7% market share; far behind Google and the ever-growing Facebook.

Apple reportedly hopes to lure smaller advertisers, as well as bring in some of the heavy-hitters that previously shied-away from the platform.

As a digital marketer, the potential that this announcement has for the future has me a bit excited; however, I personally won’t be running out to drop money on Apple iAd just yet. There is the question of price: I’ve been unable to find any recent published reports on iAd campaign performance, which I do find a bit surprising (since I’ve been able to find reports on just about every other advertising platform I’ve ever looked into). My assumption would be that Apple has tried to keep pricing competitive, but with such tight regulations on advertisers before, there’s no telling where that “bottom” could be.

Mobile advertising is the next big thing, but that also doesn’t mean that all advertisers are ready for it– yet. If you’re working with larger advertisers, with mobile-optimized content or are already advertising on AdMob, I see no reason not to give it a whirl.

Anyone have previous experience with Apple iAd they’d like to share?

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