The Best Email Subject Lines for Salespeople

Woking in sales can be difficult enough, without the added, often self-imposed constraint of your audience not even bothering to open your emails. 

Contact Monkey, an email tracking application for salespeople, wanted to find out what the best email subject line looked like. After analyzing 30 million emails, sent via Outlook and Gmail, the company put together the below Infographic, highlighting some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to sales-based correspondence.

The big take-aways: short email subject lines, essentially providing zero content whatsoever, proved to have the biggest success. In fact, anything over 3 words drops the open rate by a whopping 60% (bet you didn’t see that one coming…I mean, unless you scrolled down already. And who among you hasn’t, you alpha-personalities??).

What isn’t included in this study, however, is any data after the original email being opened. Sure, a short subject line like “RE:” may pique some interest, enough to click on the email at least– but how much of that can be directly correlated to long-term sales success?? That would make a great follow-up, IMO.

Anything in the below Infographic surprising? Will you be changing how you communicate with potential new business after reading this?

Infographic authored by ContactMonkey, an email tracking service for salespeople.
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