Bing and Facebook Search, Partners No Longer

On Friday, Facebook confirmed that they have done away with showing Bing search results through the social network’s own search engine.

The two have had an advertising partnership since 2007 (one renewed in 2010); however, with Facebook unveiling the ability to search posts early last week, it appears Mark Zuckerberg & co are taking the potential of their own engine seriously. In fact, this has been addressed specifically by Zuck as a key growth initiative heading into the new year. 

Microsoft & Facebook have enjoyed a storied history through the latter’s few years in operation.

In his time as CEO of Microsoft, one of Steve Ballmer’s most profitable moves for the company was investing $240 million in Facebook back in 2007.

The investment, laughed off by some at the time as a waste, gave Microsoft just below a 2% stake in the fledgling social network — 20% of which was reportedly sold shortly following Facebook’s IPO for $249 million.

Also, in 2007, Microsoft purchased the company that owned the Atlas ad server, aQuantive; as many of you are aware, Facebook since purchased Atlas from the company, and just recently turned it into a programmatic media buying platform.

The two aren’t completely parting ways, however; though the Bing and Facebook search relationship looks to be kaput, as of today, Microsoft is still powering maps on places & business pages within the social network.

There is no word on whether Facebook is considering allowing advertisers to place text or display ads within search results in the future.