Yes, All of Us Should Boycott RadiumOne. Immediately.

In the past, I have worked with RadiumOne on some campaigns. My account director there was awesome, and we saw some good performance from the programmatic media

Although I am not currently using the platform, if I were, I would pull all of my campaigns first thing this morning.

And you should, too.

See, RadiumOne’s CEO, the “internet mogul” who sold his first company to ValueClick and his second to Yahoo, likes to hit women. Not once, or twice. But, according to court documents (see below), 117 times. In a single incident.

You would think an incident would mean serious jail time– especially when said attack, which was described as “grisly” by LA prosecutors, was caught on tape. Yep, said CEO’s own home security footage caught the entire incident. But, in a country where former pro football players can get away with a double murder, enough money will often buy you out of any crime, no matter how malicious.

And that’s exactly what happened here.

Gurbaksh Chahal bought himself a “not guilty” verdict, as his lawyer argued that the police seized private security video in violation of his 4th Amendment rights. So, instead of the 45 felony violations he could have faced, he was able to plead guilty to just 2 misdemeanors. And, still sits on the board at RadiumOne.

Which is precisely why we should boycott RadiumOne. Until they get rid of Chahal.

Just recently, the Internet (appropriately) went into an uproar when it was revealed that Mozilla CEO Brenden Eich spent good money on government initiatives to keep homosexuals from marrying. OK Cupid joined in on the scuttlebutt as well, displaying a message to FireFox users that it wished they would switch to another browser. Shortly after, Eich resigned.

I would argue, this situation is much worse. While Eich had a personal stance I find appalling in this day & age, he wasn’t out there beating gay people attempting to marry. Physical abuse is on a significantly different level than moral conviction. As reports state that this wasn’t Chahal’s first “alleged” attack, its likely it won’t be his last.

I agree that our personal lives and professional lives do not necessary need to overlap– I’m not perfect, personally, and I hope that doesn’t effect anyone’s professional opinion of me. However, when you are a public figure in a company, your personal actions do reflect on the organization you represent. In this case, if I worked for RadiumOne myself, I would never want to be associated with someone who could harm another person in this manner.

TechCrunch has released several articles on the subject this past weekend, and I’m happy to report, they have dropped RadiumOne from their ‘Disrupt’ conference as well.

RadiumOne has yet to respond to the criticism over keeping Chahal at the helm as of this writing.

Update 4/28

Though I wrote this over the weekend, I am pleased to announce that Chahal has officially been removed as CEO of RadiumOne as of Saturday.



Gurbaksh Chahal