Think Programmatic Isn’t for Branding? Think Again.

One of my favorite subjects in the realm of digital marketing is programmatic media buying. Seriously, I could discuss the ins-and-outs of this newish approach to display & video advertising for hours on end. While, currently, my main professional focus is in the SEM space, I firmly believe that programmatic represents the future of this industry; and, quite frankly, I’m proud to have gotten in on the ground-floor.

Considering how much time I spend on a regular basis reading blog & magazine articles about the discipline, it amazes me that I missed this infographic, produced by Google back in (yikes!) May, about branding with programmatic.

In the past (and, honestly– in the present, too), I haven’t positioned programmatic as an effective branding tool for advertisers I work with; and, admittedly, this stance is outdated. Ahead of ClickZ Chicago next week, in which I hope to have some forward-thinking conversations about programmatic in general, I will share this Google infographic re: branding with programmatic media buys below– both, for visitors’ sake, and, selfishly, as a reminder to myself.