Creating a Content Marketing Funnel on WordPress [Infographic]

Content Marketing is a topic we’ve covered often lately, mainly because of how valuable of a tool it can be for both small & large advertisers alike. Consumer education and concentrated awareness are often seen as the key benefits of this marketing discipline; however, why shouldn’t it also be harnessed to drive qualified leads into your sales funnel?

Building a solid Content Marketing funnel requires you to not only provide the right information at the right place & time, but also interweaving into this content how your business can be of service in the related area. It’s a delicate balance: too salesy, and the audience will see your efforts as just another ad. But leave out the benefits of your own company entirely, and you’re giving away valuable information with no chance of seeing a return.

Understanding what a Content Marketing funnel is, and how your website can be tweaked to accommodate visitors referred by these efforts, is the first step to turning content into sales. In order to help businesses and advertisers develop a solid Content Marketing strategy that yields sales, our friends at Newt Labs have developed this infographic to get you started down the right path.

Infographic via Newt Labs