Cross-Device Remarketing Coming to Google Display

After years of seeing increasing mobile activity on both search and display, advertisers will finally have the ability to reach users no matter what device they’re currently on, as Google prepares to launch cross-device remarketing.

With cross-device remarketing, if someone visits an advertiser’s website from their mobile device on their commute to the office, then is browsing the web from their desktop computer at work, that advertiser would have the opportunity to show this user retargeting ads—despite the fact that they didn’t view the advertiser’s website from their desktop.

Image via Google

A major setback for advertisers, the lack of cross-device remarketing has not only left a hole in reporting, but also in the ability to accurately frequency cap individual users.

Google’s cross-device remarketing will only work for signed-in users in the beginning—though, this could potentially be expanded through similar proximity capabilities used to help track online-to-offline conversions now. Previously, cross-device activity was limited to reporting on conversion metrics, based on a sample set of these same signed-in users.

When the capability to retarget across mobile & desktop does launch—and Google of course has not set a firm date for this—both AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager customers will have the functionality.