Cyber Monday 2016 Shatters eCommerce Sales Record

Besting what was a $3 billion-plus Black Friday online, Cyber Monday 2016 shattered single-day eCommerce sales records in the US with revenue exceeding $3.4 billion, per a report by Adobe.

Cyber Monday 2016 topped last year by just over 10%, which itself saw a 16% increase YoY. Adobe is reporting that nearly 44% of traffic this year came from smartphones, with another 9% of visits originating on tablets; however, mobile devices only accounted for about 35% of total sales, further highlighting the importance of technology such as cross-device targeting. iPhones drove a slightly higher average order value than Android devices, at $139 compared to $124.

Interestingly, mobile devices accounted for slightly more sales volume this Black Friday—which, for a brief time, was the biggest eCommerce sales day in history.

As for how consumers were finding deals this Cyber Monday, 35.5% of sales came from paid search, with another 24% being attributed to direct traffic (which, may be a misleading stat, with a big chunk of mobile organic traffic being labeled as “direct” following Google’s switch to SSL). Email accounted for another 20% of sales, a YoY increase of nearly one-third.

Adobe measures 80% of transactions from the top 100 US-based retailers, making them a fairly reliable source for eCommerce sales data such as this.