Cyber Monday eCommerce Sales Top $3 Billion

Though Black Friday sales were reportedly down over a billion dollars, and controversial Thanksgiving shopping decreased by nearly half a million year-over-year, Cyber Monday eCommerce 2015 was a great time for online merchants.

According to Adobe, yesterday’s online sales topped $3 billion—a record-setting day for eCommerce retail. This Cyber Monday revenue represents a 16% increase compared to 2014.

Image via someecards

200 million visits to over 4,000 retail sites were recorded by Adobe, with more than a quarter of sales coming from mobile devices (not surprisingly). Apple iOS devices contributed to nearly 72% of the $799 million in mobile sales, with another 27% coming from Android.

Even more interesting, the Adobe report claims that display ads drove 57% more sales in 2015 than last year, while social saw a 33% bump. SEM ads (many fueled by special holiday structured snippets, no doubt) delivered a 27% share of sales volume, with only helper & review sites (such as CNet and RetailMeNot) driving a larger portion of sales.

Per MarketingLand, a ChannelAdvisor report claims Amazon alone experienced a 21.1% increase of sales this Cyber Monday, up from their YoY Black Friday improvement of 20.8%.

While Cyber Monday eCommerce 2015 sales increased, the drop in Thanksgiving & Black Friday revenue could mean that this holiday season will end up down over last year.

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