Facebook Instant Articles Gets an Official WordPress Plugin

With Facebook Instant Articles becoming available to everyone next month, publishers large & small are seeking easy ways to ensure their content can be indexed on the social network’s ultra-fast mobile platform.

Facebook today unveiled a project through WordPress VIP that provides an official mechanism for doing just that. The Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin, still in beta, is designed to make the cross-publication process as seamless as possible.

When Facebook Instant Articles was first introduced, it was limited to select premium publishers in the US. Following this initial test, the social network has decided to allow anyone with a website to publish content directly to their platform, with rev-share and user analytics opportunities included. Instant Articles will be accepted via RSS-like feeds, and will need to be approved by Facebook before they go live.

Image via Facebook

The Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin can currently be found on Github, where testers are still working out some of the kinks. With Instant Articles not scheduled to be opened up to the public for another couple of weeks, there’s still a bit of time before any smaller publishers will be able to verify whether or not this plugin is a success—but, it’s never too early to get a head-start.

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