Gmail Ads Now Available in AdWords

Looking for a way to increase your advertisers’ audience reach? Expandable Gmail ads may be a good opportunity.

Since 2013, ads in Google’s Gmail (referred to as Gmail Sponsored Promotions) have been in limited beta; typically, this meant that advertisers wanting to use these ad products needed to work with their dedicated Google rep. It also meant that agencies didn’t have direct access to manage these Gmail ads themselves.

As of today, Gmail ads are now available in AdWords. And, as I found out this morning, they are quite easy to set up.

Gmail Ads in AdWords

To set up a Gmail ads campaign in AdWords, you’ll  need to have (or create) a “Display Network Only – All Features” campaign. I would recommend setting up an ad group specifically for Gmail ads, as the placement targeting for this ad group will vary from others in your campaign.

Once your Gmail ad group has been created, hop on over to Placement targeting and search for “”. Since this is the only Placement that offers Gmail ads, select this URL only and save.

You’ll probably also want to include some additional targeting parameters besides for the Placement; otherwise, you’ll end up targeting all Gmail users, which likely will lower your CTR and increase CPA. For the campaign I set up today, I opted for keyword targeting on top of the Placement — but, you can overlay the same interest & retargeting parameters for Gmail ads as you would for any other GDN campaign.

Once your targeting is set, you’ll have the option of setting up ad(s) for this campaign. As shown in the example above, ads contain both text and image, and can also include HTML.

In order to create a Gmail ad, click on the red “+ Ad” button in the ad group, and select “Ad Gallery”. From there, you’ll see the option at the bottom right to create a new Gmail ad. The below screenshot shows the various ad types available for targeting to Gmail users.

I went with a single promotion ad; but, I will be testing additional Gmail ad types in the coming weeks.

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