Google Unveils AdSense Page-Level Ads

If you’re a publisher struggling to monetize the influx of mobile traffic you’ve been receiving lately, you may want to look into Google’s new AdSense Page-level ads.

Google AdSense Page-level ads are two recently-introduced formats for publishers that only show on high-end mobile browsers. Best of all, the new ads do not count against AdSense’s three ad per page maximum—therefore, they offer an additional opportunity to capture valuable mobile traffic.

Anchor Ads
Vignette Ads

Publishers have the choice between Anchor/overlay or Vignette ads with the new AdSense offering. Anchor ads stick to the bottom of a user’s screen as they browse, not interfering with the scrolling experience. Vignette ads are essentially interstitials, with a twist—they only appear when a visitor leaves one page to visit another one, not upon first page load, where they may cause high bounce rates.

The implementation of AdSense Page-level ads is quite simple; a small piece of Javascript can be generated within your AdSense account (once Anchor or Vignette ads are chosen as an option), which is then placed in the <‘head’> tag of any page you’d like the ads to show.

Page-level ads will not show on every page load or for every visitor; although, Google doesn’t specify how often they are shown, other than to say users will see them at “optimal times”.