Google Analytics Benchmark Reports Available Now

Last week, Google posted a case study on their official Analytics blog featuring, and the company’s use of benchmark reports in GA to boost their email open rates.

As promised in the blog post, Google Analytics benchmark reports now appear to be available for numerous users, including myself (your results may vary; but if you’re not seeing them now, give it a week or so). You must have “Share Data Anonymously with Google” checked under Admin > Account Settings in order to see these reports.

The new Analytics benchmark reports allow you to compare some of your site’s data against 1600 industry categories, 1250 markets, & 7 size buckets. Acquisition and Engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, new visitors, and pages per visit.

While I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with these yet, Google appears to have a wide-range of verticals covered, and even allows you to drill-down into specific sub-sets via search. Some of the more relevant categories for this site, in particular, don’t have more than a couple-hundred sites contributing to the benchmarks; but, I would expect this to grow, as webmasters and SEOs opt-in their own sites to view the reports.

Google will also provide you the total of sites contributing to each benchmark, so you know what sort of sample size you’re comparing yourself against.

Benchmark reports can be found under “Audience” section of your reporting interface.