Google Engagement Ads: The Future of Display?

Just before the beginning of 2014, Google unveiled their newest display model on the GDN: engagement ads, which could be bidded on a Cost Per Engagement model.

Google Engagement ads are certainly nothing new: video networks, in particular, have offered some sort of CPE buying model for years. And, Rich Media ads, in-banner flash, and expandable ad units have been around for some time. However, the inclusion of engagement ads, and more importantly, the CPE model on the Google Display Network, has opened up quite a larger market to a metric for performance measurement greater than just CPC or click-thru-rate.

As seen in the graphic, Google has stated that users are 10x more likely to engage with these in-banner or expandable ads, compared to standard display. While that remains to be seen, it certainly does seem reasonable to forecast an uptick in interaction, and a decline in the so-called “banner blindness” that plaques our industry.

I have put together a full write-up of Google Engagement Ads on my company’s blog, which can be located here. I’d appreciate some feedback, either here or on that site, if you’ve already began using Engagement Ads with your advertisers. I expect to have some case study material of my own later this year as well.

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