Google is Killing Off AdSense Direct

R.I.P, Google AdSense direct campaigns. We hardly knew ye.

As we reported earlier this year, Google AdSense users had been granted the ability to book their own campaigns within the platform; creating the ability for website publishers with a direct-sales team to run ads through AdSense and get reporting all in one place. 

Likely as a result of a low adoption rate with AdSense users, Google has begun sending out emails to publishers who participated in the beta program, to let them know the company would be sunsetting this feature in November.

Google didn’t really give this one a fair shake, IMO. AdSense direct was limited to publishers in the US, and payments had to be made through Google Wallet. However, more probable than not, publishers who already sell some inventory direct to advertisers already had a process in place to deliver ads & provide reporting– without having to share some of the revenue with Big Daddy G.

While I personally never tested this out (advertising isn’t very big on this site), I did think it was an interesting option for bloggers with decent monthly traffic and/or smaller publishers without their own ad serving platform.

Anyone out there get the chance to test out Google AdSense Direct in the last few months? Any insight to share?