AdWords, Analytics, & DoubleClick Updates to be Announced on May 23rd

Google’s annual marketing product update livestream, Google Marketing Next 2017, has been set for May 23rd at 11am Chicago time.

Formerly known as the Google Performance Summit, this annual keynote gives marketers the opportunity to preview updates to popular Google products like AdWords, Analytics, and DoubleClick. Last year, the company gave viewers a sneak-peak of the redesigned AdWords interface, which is still under development.

For Google Marketing Next 2017, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, said on the Inside AdWords blog the one-hour livestream will demonstrate tools “designed to improve your ability to reach consumers, simplify campaign measurement and increase your productivity”. Ramaswamy also teased a look into how Google assistant is being used by brands to, in his words, “delight customers”.

If you’re interested in viewing Google Marketing Next 2017 live, you can register via this link.