Google Simplifies SMB Management with My Business

Well, this was a long time coming.

Anyone that manages multiple local businesses from an SEO or PPC perspective, or if you handle these operations for your own company, knows that maintaining your Google web presence has always been, well, sort of a challenge. There has typically been several completely separate methods for updating reviews, map listings, photos, etc, leading to a major oversight in the way Google helps SMBs get in front of customers. With no centralized interface for a business to manage all of the moving pieces of their Google identity in one place, many times, I have seen disjointed information across Google properties for the same local listing. That doesn’t lead to a great customer experience.

Thankfully, Google has heard the complaints of SEOs, and has introduced “My Business“, a singular dashboard interface for managing numerous different aspects of a business listing– from their Google+ page, reviews, maps, search results, and even photos and AdWords Express.

Image Courtesy of Inside AdWords

Google’s “My Business” combines the capabilities from both Google+ and Places for Business (finally); users of both of these individual tools will be automatically upgraded to the “My Business” in the near future. In addition, Google is planning to release mobile apps for both Android and iOS for SEOs and SMBs to manage this information on-the-go.

Google has created a short video for the “My Business” platform, which I have embedded below. Do you agree with me that this was a long time coming, or do you think this new interface won’t be of much use to you or your clients? Let me know in the comments section below!

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