Guest Blogging? Yeah, I’d Still Do It.

Guest blogging is dead.

Guest blogging is dead.

Hey guys, did you hear: guest blogging is dead!

Unless you don’t read many articles on content marketing, you’ve probably read the above headline a dozen or so times in the last few weeks. This will be the only time I write about this (I hope), so here goes:

While I agree, in part, with Google Spam-master Matt Cutts that guest blogging for the sake of SEO rankings has gotten out of control, it doesn’t mean the practice itself has no merits.

So, if asked to guest blog– sure, I’ll do it.

Not for SEO purposes. Although it’d be great to get a link from Search Engine Land or Search Engine Roundtable or Search Engine Watch, as it would likely result in some valuable referral traffic (if not a boost in PageRank, regardless of Cutts’ declaration), for me, the visibility would be worth it in itself. If one of those respected sites, one that focuses on an industry I’ve worked in for nearly a decade, I would be honored.

That, to me, is enough of a benefit. But, that might not be the end of it.

What if, after one of those sites asked me to guest blog on a topic, the post got a good response? Maybe the site would include a link to my Twitter handle? Or this site’s Twitter handle? (yes, this site has it’s own Twitter account– yours should, too) Maybe I’d get some new followers that way– hell, maybe they’d eventually find my site, becoming an “indirect referral” of that guest blog post. Isn’t that still a positive outcome of guest blogging? 

Sites have been abusing the “guest blogging for PageRank” system for far too long, and it’s only right that Google stepped in to put a stop to it. But, they didn’t kill the practice of the guest blog post– no. Rather, just the practice of guest blogging solely for SEO purposes. And, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all?

What do you think…would you still guest blog if given the opportunity?