How To Increase YouTube Views [Infographic]

Perhaps one of the most important digital marketing mediums in 2014, and for the foreseeable future, won’t involve content that can be read (like, this site for instance…doh), but instead, will revolve around video. With younger Internet users more ADD than ever, this fact probably surprises no one.

Vine, with its six-second looping clips, and other networks such as Vimeo have their audience– but, undoubtedly, the king of all online video is still Google’s YouTube. And if you’re looking to become, or remain, a major player in the digital space, eventually, the need to increase YouTube views shall greet you.

The folks over at InfographicJournal have prepared a detailed, 15-step infographic on increasing visibility in YouTube, which can be found below.

Personally, I don’t agree with #15; Google has been cracking down lately on “purchased” YouTube views, and I think this is only going to become more difficult to manipulate in the future (which, honestly, is probably best for everyone).

For those already finding success on YouTube, how many of these tactics have you employed in your own videos? What is this infographic missing in terms of vital information for YouTube marketing?

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