Mobile Surpasses Desktop Here: What About Your Site?

The running joke amongst PPC analysts, and digital marketers in general, is that every single year we’ve heard the same thing: this will be the year of mobile.

Like Cubs’ fans eternal “wait ’til next year” mantra, the “year of mobile” has become so clichéd it’s lost any significant meaning. In fact, I’m willing to say this: there will never be a “year of mobile”.  

Because mobile is now. And has been, in ever-increasing numbers, for some time.

Mobile paid search, display, and social media are vital ingredients to any digital marketing mix in 2015 — though, I’m not so sure they weren’t just as meaningful in 2013, or even 2012. And if Apple’s recent Q1 reporting, detailing how the company sold some insane-ass number of iPhones since the release of the iPhone 6 are any indication, this fact won’t become any less true moving forward.

But, don’t just take my word (or that of 1.8 billion search results on the subject) — because your site’s analytics platform might be telling you the exact same thing.

Mine is.

A quick look at the Google Analytics data on this site reveals a sharp upward trend in mobile visits starting in July of 2013 — and, actually surpassing the number of visits from desktop users in late August.

Admittedly, the increase in mobile traffic is not too surprising; back when I updated the site’s design for its one-year anniversary back in September, my main focus was to make Chicago’D more mobile-friendly. I knew, then, that mobile would soon account for a lion-share of our visits — and having a site that just didn’t work on smartphones wasn’t going to keep around.

From the point of that redesign, you can see a spike in all traffic across devices; most notably being the drastic bump in mobile and even tablet visits.

With this data, I’m curious — how many of you out there are seeing a similar trend, where mobile surpasses desktop visits? I’d love to see if more people see changes around the same time period as well.

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