Multi-Channel Attribution in Digital Analytics

Digital marketing is rooted in performance. Even in the case of Brand-awareness campaigns, where conversion metrics are not necessarily the foremost concern, advertisers want to know that their dollars were spent wisely; and, more often than not, website analytics are a strong indicator of how well-received a brand initiative was within the target audience. 

Whether promoting a brand’s image or focusing on a specific Direct Response goal, the question on every marketer’s mind is, undoubtedly, ‘who gets the credit for performance’? While its often posited as a self-serving inquisition, assigning accurate credit to various marketing initiatives, also known as attribution, is an important metric for determining the success (or lack thereof) of any campaign.

I penned a blog post on my agency’s website late last week about the importance of multi-channel attribution. In this article, I described some of the third-party tools for accurately measuring the success of each of your marketing tactics, whether it be SEO, Paid Search, social media, or offline (direct) referrals.

Please click here to view my post on multi-channel attribution in its entirety

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