SEM Brings In Nearly Half of 2015 Digital Ad Revenue

The IAB’s annual digital advertising revenue report was released this week, highlighting a statistic nobody should be surprised about:

Mobile is taking over.

While paid search ad revenue 2015 accounted for nearly 50% of total spend, overall mobile advertising grew considerably this past year—to the tune of 66% ($20.5 billion) over 2014. Of this, 43% was from paid search.

The percentage of budget last year spent on desktop SEM declined, from 38% to 34%, and mobile paid search decreased from 48% in 2014 to 43% in 2015; however, actual ad dollars increased by more than $1 billion.

This all aligns with the increase in online ad spend in 2015, which was up over 20% YoY to hit $59.6 billion. Internet advertising bested the next closest channel, broadcast TV, by almost $20 billion last year.

Besides for mobile’s big showing, social media advertising had a great 2015—particularly the second half. The channel grew by $2 billion in the second six months of 2015, the largest half-year growth since 2012. Total social media advertising totaled $10.9 billion, up from 7 billion the year before.

For the complete 2015 IAB digital ad revenue report, you can visit the company’s press release database.

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