The Return of #HashtagBowl for 2015

Though one of the major topics at Super Bowl 49 this Sunday will be the absurdity that will forever be known as “deflategate“, the big game, every year, always is remembered for two things: football (of course) and commercials.

For the fourth year, Marketing Land will be tracking & reporting on all of the hashtags utilized by brands in their Super Bowl commercials. Appropriately referred to as ‘HashtagBowl‘, 2015 should see a continuance in the rise of hashtag use — Marketing Land reported a 100% growth between 2012-13, up from 25% to over 50%. 

Personally, my favorite brand moment from the last Super Bowl came from an advertiser that literally spent zero on advertising for the game; the JC Penney “gloves” tweets that came in just before kick-off. That said, the commercials are consistently one of the most enjoyable parts of the Super Bowl for me (especially since my Bears have only won it once during my lifetime — and I was only 3 then); meaning I’ll certainly be watching with phone and/or laptop in-hand.

Marketing Land also has a great list of Super Bowl-related advertising stories on the HashtagBowl page of their site (linked below) to peruse if the on-the-field action is too slow for you.

Check Out Marketing Land’s HashtagBowl 2015 Here

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