AdWords is Retiring “Converted Clicks” in September

In an effort to simplify conversion reporting in paid search, Google AdWords Converted Clicks metric will be retired this September. Google made the announcement on Monday via their Inside AdWords blog.

Converted Clicks was introduced in 2014, and replaced the legacy “1 per Click” conversion metric that had existed in AdWords since 2001. The metric, simply put, counted all ad clicks that resulted in end actions on advertiser’s websites.

As advertiser sophistication has advanced, so has the need for better conversion tracking. As such, Google now has more options when it comes to conversion measurement in AdWords, including attribution modeling, cross-channel, and some offline conversion tracking support. In addition, paid search managers can choose which end actions to count as conversions to optimize against—and which to track simply for reporting purposes.

Image via AdWords

AdWords Converted Clicks, on the other hand, could accomplish none of those things; hence, the desire to rid the platform of this antiquated measurement.

Along with getting rid of Converted Clicks, AdWords will be combining all cross-device conversions into the Conversions column by default beginning in September as well.

For those still optimizing Target CPA or Enhanced CPC bids to Converted Clicks, you’ll need to switch this to Conversions before September 21st, or it will be migrated automatically. Google will be reaching out to account managers before this date as well. Also, if you want to save legacy Converted Clicks reports, do so before mid September to be safe.