Google’s New AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets

Ever searching for ways to make search ads more informative (and, in the process, make SEM’s lives a bit easier), Google has rolled-out AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets for select advertising verticals this week.

While the phrase “Dynamic Structured Snippets” is quite the mouthful, the idea is relatively simple: for certain queries, Google will pull related information from an advertiser’s website to add content to ads. See below for a Google-provided example of this new extension:

Image via Google

In their current incarnation, Dynamic Structured Snippets will only show for select retail, hotel, and flight searches, the extension is expected to be available for all advertisers later this year.

Google has provided advertisers an opportunity to opt-out of the ad extensions, by submitting a form here. Though, as the company points out, automated ad extensions “typically boost performance and are a factor in ad rank” — so, I’m not sure why someone would want to exclude these entirely (after all, if other extensions in your account are performing better, Google will be more likely to show those anyhow).

More information on Dynamic Structured Snippets can be found in the AdWords Help section of Google Support.

Shoutout to Search Engine Land for the original coverage.

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