AdWords is Launching Price Extensions for Mobile

Managing an SEM campaign for a client that is selling multiple products or services? Google’s newest ad extension might pique your interest.

Rolling out “soon“, AdWords Price Extensions enable advertisers to highlight products & services, along with their prices, below paid search ads. There is room for a short description, and each product/service links directly to its own landing page.

Like the Black Friday ad extension that Google enabled last holiday shopping season, AdWords Price Extensions can be scheduled to run between specific dates. This is obviously critical for advertisers with sales and LTO promotions.

Image via Google

The extensions will exclusively show on mobile for starters, and only for those in position #1. Advertisers can enter up to eight products and/or services per extension, but three is the minimum.  Given the amount of real estate these ad extensions have the potential to take up, its likely those lucky enough to land in the number 1 spot will see a significant increase to CTR. However, it’s safe to wager that mobile CPCs for category terms will rise, similar to what we’ve seen recently on branded search.

AdWords Price Extensions can run concurrently with other ad extensions, but will not show with Sitelinks. They can be set at the account, campaign, or ad group level. In the beginning, Price Extensions will only be available in English. For more details, check out AdWords Support here.