Native Salesforce Conversion Import Coming for AdWords

If you’re an SEM working with advertisers that use a CRM platform for lead capture, rectifying conversion data can often be a distressing process. Conversion pixels are great as a band-aid approach—but, in many cases, true PPC-to-CRM performance stops once the lead hits the system.

Fortunately, for advertisers using Salesforce, a solution is right around the corner.

Google announced via a blog post on Tuesday an import solution to link AdWords Salesforce conversions. The actual solution to this issue itself is a relatively simple one (so much so, you’d wonder why it wasn’t done long ago): use & store the click ID (GCLID).

That’s correct—the GCLID, which is already associated to every AdWords-driven click where auto-tagging has been enabled, will be passed along into Salesforce when a lead is submitted. The information is then funneled back to AdWords to record the appropriate conversion.

Image via Google

As with most new AdWords features, the Salesforce conversions import is being tested for limited advertisers before being opened up to everyone later this year. If you’d like to get your name on the list to try importing AdWords’ Salesforce conversions, sign up here.