Using AdWords Structured Snippets for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year—both online and off. According to retail analytics platform Custora, paid search drove 18.5% of online sales the day after Thanksgiving, and 16% on the next Monday.

To help retailers capture as much paid traffic as possible during this busy time, Google has introduced limited AdWords structured snippets for use specifically from November 20th through the 30th.

For those unfamiliar with AdWords structured snippets, Google allows for this text-based extension (similar to call-out extensions) for select categories, including hotel amenities, travel destinations, educational courses & degrees, service catalogs, and styles (think, shoes for instance). Typically, in order for structured snippets, three or more of each type must be listed, with a max of 25 characters. These are unlike AdWords’ dynamically-generated structured snippets, which are based solely on website content.

For Black Friday & Cyber Monday, however, structured snippets have no minimum requirement, and won’t need to fit into Google’s defined snippets categories.

To set up AdWords structured snippets—which can be created at the account or campaign level—navigate to the ad extensions tab, choose structured snippet extensions from the drop-down, and select the appropriate Header.

Check out the Black Friday snippet below as an example of how you can utilize structured snippets this holiday shopping season.


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