Amazon Text Ads Discontinued 2 Months After Launch

Amazon Text Ads, which were just launched back in August to replace Product Ads on the eCommerce destination, will be no longer available as of October 31st.

According to a post on Marketing Land, Amazon began sending advertisers emails last week to announce the conclusion of their Text Ads product. While Amazon Text Ads were introduced at the same time the company announced the discontinuation of Product Ads (which drove consumers to eCommerce sites outside of Amazon), industry insiders (including WSJspeculated that Amazon was actually challenging Google’s dominance in the online ad space by introducing their own products.

Google AdWords users had expected to see a complete drop-off of Amazon activity over a year ago, the eCommerce site has continued to remain within the Search Partner Network, despite rumors it would be pulling out. The question now is if Amazon will drop paid ads from search results entirely — in order to keep more shoppers from leaving their site — or if the discontinuation of Amazon Text Ads just means that only Google advertisers will have ads in search.

For existing Amazon Text Ads advertisers, though the product will be turned off at the end of the month, performance reporting will be available on the platform until February of next year, according to a screenshot of the letter posted over at the RKG Blog.