App Store Search Ads Launch October 5th

After announcing their latest advertising channel for developers earlier this year, Apple is prepping to open App Store search ads to all on October 5th.

Apple is giving developers a $100 credit towards their new paid search advertising—a welcome bonus, given the company’s somewhat shoddy history with launching then folding mobile ad networks over the past few years. App Store search ads have been running in a very limited beta since June (in fact, I haven’t seen a single one myself).

Much like on AdWords or Bing, advertisers can set maximum daily budgets and bids. Campaign budgets can also be set, and Apple will be utilizing the “second price auction” format to determine winning bid amount. Advertisers will pay on a cost per tap model.

Also familiar for SEMs: Apple’s search ads platform has a keyword suggestion tool, and the ability to add negatives to campaigns. There are some demographic targeting capabilities as well, in addition to targeting functionality by iPhone vs. iPad.

Google has offered app install ads for the Google Play store for over a year, and announced this Summer they would eventually be extending these to iOS as well—creating a sense of urgency on Apple’s end to get their own advertising up & running first. Similar to Google’s offering, the Apple App Store search ads will generate images & copy from app metadata, so ad copy isn’t required.

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