Bing Ads Debuts Social Extensions

While there’s already a means to promote damn near everything via ad extensions in your SEM campaigns, one channel has historically been absent from paid search: social media.

Bing Ads has introduced a test of social extensions—which, if they are eventually incorporated into Bing’s product suite full-time—may just change that.

As mentioned, the Bing Ads social extensions is just in a beta test at the moment, strictly for advertisers in the US. The new real estate enables advertisers to link searchers directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Tumblr profiles or specific post within that network.

Image via Bing Ads

The question that comes from all of this is why? What use would Bing Ads social extensions have in the real world?

I’m not certain there’s a plausible answer to that. While the Bing blog announcement of this ad extension gives a nod to customer service, I couldn’t, myself, see driving paid traffic to a third-party site like Facebook or Twitter, where analytics data is notoriously lacking. Site Extensions seem to be a better fit for a customer support link, as I would want to keep all paid traffic within my own advertiser’s ecosystem.

It’s an interesting test, I suppose—just not one I can see getting any real mileage out of myself. What about you: could you see yourself recommending Bing Ads social extensions for any of your clientele?