Bing Adds Automated Imports from Google AdWords

One of the most popular features of (and most compelling reason for using) Bing Ads is the platform’s Google Import, which enables paid search advertisers to quickly copy over their current AdWords campaigns to launch on Microsoft’s search network.

Now, with the launch of Bing Automated Imports, announced on Tuesday, PPC managers have less to worry about in keeping their AdWords & Bing campaigns in-sync.

With Automated Imports, cross-platform syncing can be scheduled on a recurring daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Allowed updates in Bing Ads include ad copy, budgets, and extensions—according to Search Engine Land—though, to be completely transparent, Bing themselves aren’t entirely specific as to what is/is not included with Automated Imports; nor if there is a mechanism for including/not including certain settings if so desired.

Bing Automated Imports does offer SEM advertisers the ability to select specific campaigns to upload, and gives import & error logs following each update.