Say Goodbye to Your Second Line of PPC Ad Text on Mobile

Starting in October, your Google AdWords ads on mobile devices may, or may not, show the second line of ad text (Description Line 2).

In an announcement on the Inside AdWords blog last week, Google said they are making this change in order to show more relevant and useful information to your customers”. For many of us, who are already optimizing ad copy to take full advantage of longer headlines on top-ranked ads, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

However, if you’re not already writing specific ad copies for mobile vs desktop/tablets, between now and October 15th (when this change goes into effect) would be a great time to start.

So, what can you do to make sure that potential customers can find what they’re searching for with your ad copy?

Well, for starters, Google’s recently unveiled “callout extensions” are a great way to bullet-point special offers, products, and services; and will, conceivably, have a greater likelihood of showing on mobile once Description Line 2 is hidden. In addition, Google recommends taking advantage of location and sitelinks extensions (a great idea on mobile ads anyway), to help drive consumers to more relevant pages on your site.

Also, when writing your mobile ad copy, remember to include as much pertinent information in Description Line 1 as possible. Where, on desktop ads, PPC managers will often “carry over” a phrase from Line 1 to Line 2, this should not be employed on mobile after 10/15; these changes will result in “incomplete” ads for those line-to-line descriptions.

As with any major AdWords change, I would recommend benchmarking performance on mobile at least 30 days before and after October 15th, to see what impact this has had on your campaigns.