Google AdWords Introduces Device Bid Estimates

Want to see how bidding differently on mobile devices than desktop/tablets could impact campaign performance? Now you can.

Yesterday, Google rolled out a device bid adjustment simulator to all AdWords advertisers globally. When available, this bid adjustment simulator will incorporate the previous 7 days’ data to compare the potential impact of different bid adjustments for mobile ads on the Search Network.

While this device bid adjustment simulator is available internationally, there are limitations to the tool. For instance, campaigns running on shared budgets, or those that are hitting budget caps on a regular basis, may not be eligible for this simulation. Those using automated bid strategies (with the exception of enhanced CPC) or running campaign experiments are also not eligible to use the bid simulation.

The mobile bid simulator can be found at the campaign level, under Settings > Devices. Keep in mind that any bidding updates are made at the campaign level, so ad group adjustments will be overwritten if you do decide to take Google’s advice.