The Google AdWords iOS App Is Available Now

For those SEM managers on-the-go (and who amongst us isn’t?), the Google AdWords iOS app is now available for everyone.

Google invited AdWords users back in December to try a beta version of the iOS app for the holidays; Android users have had access to an app version of AdWords since March of last year.

Image via App Store

In its current incarnation, functionality in the AdWords iOS app isn’t as limited as you might expect— while there’s certainly no advanced features to speak of, campaign performance stats & updating bids and budgets are present, and the interface itself is quite nice for a version 1.0 design. And, given how miserable the AdWords interface performs on mobile browsers (Chrome included), the native app is a welcome upgrade for paid search marketers.

Since the AdWords iOS app is new to the App Store, you may (like me) have trouble locate it via a standard search: in fact, in my attempt, the App Store could only find Google’s AdWords Express app (which is entirely different). The link to the new AdWords app can be found here.