What Will Google Unveil During the AdWords Livestream?

Following the introduction of Estimated Total Conversions and the renaming of conversions in general, Google has announced that Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for AdWords, will host a Livestream on Tuesday, April 22nd at 11am (CDT) to discuss “a brand new set of innovations” to the paid search console.  

Although language on the Inside AdWords blog is vague (because of course), much of it deals with “performance”– translated, tracking conversions and engagement in a post-“Enhanced Campaign” world.

What could this mean? Well, if you recall, when Estimated Total Conversions was first introduced to AdWords advertisers, Google promised that soon, we’d not only see direct-click conversions, but cross-device estimates (check), phone call conversions (check), and, eventually, in-store conversions. That last one, the ‘holy grail’ of sorts in the digital marketing world, has still yet to be unveiled by the search giant.


Search Engine Land is speculating that this announcement could be made during the AdWords Livestream on the 22nd; at least, that Google is testing a solution to this ever-present issue. Of course, they aren’t the first to try this. Both Facebook and Twitter have worked with DataLogix in the past (a data provider I’ve worked with in programmatic media as well) to garner some insight into how online advertising can fuel offline transactions.While I wouldn’t call either effort an overwhelming success, just yet, I’d imagine that if anyone could pull this off, it would be the largest online advertising company in the world.

And how would this work? Well, potentially smartphone data, for one. Word is that Google has teamed with both DataLogix and Acxiom to measure offline sales impact of digital marketing efforts. While not perfect, this is certainly a major first step for those of us with clients who sell their goods the ol’ fashioned brick ‘n mortar way (and, let’s face it, most advertisers do).

Personally, I’m looking forward to to the AdWords Livestream, and to see what could come out of this effort. If you’d like to register, follow this link.

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