Google AdWords: One Step Closer to Offline Conversions

The biggest search engine on Earth is getting one step closer to connecting digital marketing with brick-and-mortar sales.

Google AdWords reporting has had the ability for some time to provide “estimated cross-device conversions”; however, offline conversions, something the company previewed early in 2014, have just recently begun appearing for SEM customers.

As Larry Kim of SEW noted, the new “Store Visits” metric in AdWords are, in fact, just estimates — “based on aggregated, anonymized data from a sample set of users who have enabled Location History on their device”. As these numbers don’t represent the whole sum of visitors, this data is extrapolated by Google to give PPC managers a better sense of how the larger population is responding to digital ads, offline.

Image via Google

While still fairly new, the AdWords blog last month shared some info on the new Store Visits metric as was being utilized by Office Depot; Google reports the company has been using the new metric to help decide which products to use in local inventory ads (which, obvs makes total sense).

In order to take advantage of the Store Visits metric in Google AdWords, you’ll need to make sure your account has done the following:

  • Have a Google My Business account linked to your AdWords account
  • Set up location extensions in your Google My Business account
  • Have multiple physical store locations in the US
  • Receive a large number of both ad clicks and store visits

More information on the Google AdWords offline conversion metric, Store Visits, can be found here.

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