Google Pushes Cutoff for Standard Ads in AdWords to 2017

SEMs are getting some more time to test the new Expanded Text Ads format in Google AdWords, as the company has announced via a blog post that the deadline to add or revise the legacy ad format has been moved back to 2017.

When Google initially announced Expanded Text Ads, the AdWords Standard Ads cutoff was set at next month—October 26th, to be exact. However, likely as a result of pressure from advertisers not wanting to have to completely give up on legacy ads for the holidays, the company has eased-up on this date, pushing it back to January 31st of next year.

With Expanded Text Ads just coming out of beta in July, the October cutoff for Standard Ads was a bit ambitious, to say the least. However, given that AdWords has pushed the Standard Ads cutoff back a few months, advertisers should have ample time to test now before giving the legacy format the boot after the busy holiday season.

Within the same post, Google provides tips for advertisers on both writing & testing the new ETA format, including:

  • Focusing tests on headlines (since this is the major change of ETAs)
  • Replicating what works on Standard Ads in ETAs
  • Considering shorter headlines on Brand terms
  • Leaving Standard Ads live until testing has been done with ETAs
Image via Google

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