How Google Views The Removal of Right-Rail Ads

Google upending the look & feel of the search results page last month with the removal of right-rail ads on desktop has everyone in the SEM community offering opinions & tips on the matter (including me)—except, for the most part, Google themselves.

Today, Search Engine Land scored a guest blog post from Matt Lawson, Director of Performance Ads Marketing for Google. In his contribution, which can be found here, Lawson briefly explains that the search giant made the update “to improve user experience”, and to keep this consistent across mobile, tablet, and desktop (this experience doesn’t remain consistent, however, when PLAs enter the equation—which Lawson says are “staying put”. Seems like there’s a piece to that rationale that Lawson left out.) 

The remainder of the SEL article plays out much like my own video, produced the Monday following Google’s announcement: remain calm, monitor your campaigns closely, and don’t make any rash decisions until you have the data to back them up.

Still, it is nice to see someone over at Google provide an opinion on the removal of right-rail ads; especially considering this is one of the bigger changes we have seen on the SERPs that actually limits the number of ads shown in some time.

To read Matt Lawson’s complete opinion on Google’s decision to removal right-rail ads from desktop search results, check out the Search Engine Land article here.