Google to Google Partners: Quit Being Sketchy

The latest Google Partners policy update, emailed to those in their ‘Partners’ program last week, reads more like an intro to basic ethics class than an official policy from one of the world’s largest companies. 

But, as I’ve heard before: if it seems obvious to some, it need to be explained to others (or something along those lines).

The update to their third party policy, which officially goes into effect in November, outlines several new guidelines in transparency & account setup– none of which, IMO, should come as any surprise to those already managing campaigns for one or more advertisers.

In short, the updates to Google Partners policies boil down to this: you must disclose what you’re charging your clients to manage campaigns; you must provide them with their AdWords customer ID; and, you cannot make “false, misleading, or unrealistic” claims regarding what may be accomplished through paid search.

It seems straightforward; and, by all accounts, it should be. However, the fact that Google feels the need to update their policies means there’s obviously some third parties that aren’t  being the most ethical with their advertisers.

Essentially, though, the only way that Google will know that third parties aren’t complying is by getting reports from angry advertisers. Still, the policy update provides Google the legal documentation to actually do something when & if they receive complaints.

A screengrab of the email from Google is included below, and the full updated policy guidelines can be found here.